dyed concrete floorConcrete dye is quickly becoming a leader in concrete products. Concrete dyes can be used to simply change the color of concrete from grey to a designer shade, or it can be used to create a work of art. Dying concrete is a good do-it-yourself project. Because most concrete dyes are water soluble, they are safe to use, easy to clean up and quick to dry. For most home projects, you can expect to complete the dye job in a weekend.

Dyeing floors is different from staining them. With dye, there is no chemical reaction with the concrete, it simply dyes the surface. Dyes can come in liquid form or as dry pigment, the latter to be mixed with a solvent (usually acetone). The color of the finished product and the depth that the dye penetrates into the concrete depends on the dye-to-solvent ratio.

Although dyes will not hide any imperfections in the concrete, they enhance the variation that the concrete already has. Acetone dyes are made to be used on polished concrete floors that have not been sealed. If your floors have been sealed, the sealant will need to be removed before the dye is applied, this is typically done through concrete grinding

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